How Great Hotels of the World are reopening to welcome back meetings and events

Great News MICE June 15, 2020


How Great Hotels of the World are reopening to welcome back meetings and events

Many questions remain surrounding the future of events and group travel, even more so in the international outbound market. However, although we see the MICE business beginning to pick up, it is happening in spurts with many unpredictable factors to consider. Having partners that know venues inside out, their features and how their operations work, who can help make events happen more swiftly and more easily, will be a critical success factor in responding to client demands and sealing the deals efficiently and effectively.

GHOTW represents a portfolio of over 50 unique and authentic upscale and luxury hotels, in exciting primary and emerging destinations across the world. Our hotels offer the well-appointed rooms, outstanding business and meetings facilities, cutting edge leisure facilities and activities you would expect from a global brand, yet each hotel has its own character and individual personality. 

Our hotels are therefore uniquely positioned to serve the bleisure market which is forecast to grow even more, post-Covid, as travellers increasingly weave their business travels with their very personal desire for unforgettable experiences.  Our dedicated MICE Sales team and Groups Desk works closely with agencies and hotels alike to provide quick and effective turnaround on RFPs.

Great Hotels of the World are Open! 

Over half of our hotels will be open by end August and the vast majority – 78% – will be opening at 50% capacity or more:

Hotels that never Closed: Banyan Tree Bangkok –  Bangkok, Thailand

          Hotels open in May:Opening in June
Hotel D. Giovanni – Prague, Czech Republic
Hotel Santos Porta Fira – Barcelona, Spain
Puro Warzawa Centrum – Warsaw, PolandVilniusGrand Resort – Vilnius, Lithuania

Hotels Opening in July
Altis Belém Hotel & Spa – Lisbon, Portugal
El Nido Lagen Island – Palawan Philippines
Dunboyne Castle Hotel – Dublin, Ireland
Museum Hotel Oberliani – Tiblisi Georgia
Palacio do Estoril – Cascais, Lisboa
Grand Hotel Kronenhof – Pontresina, Switzerland
Alcron Hotel –  Prague, Poland 
Altis Avenida Hotel – Lisbon, Portugal
Castello di Gargonza – Tuscany Italy
D. Pedro Vilamoura – Algarve, Portugal
NAU Salgados Palace, Algarve, Portugal
NAU Sao Rafael do Atlantico – Algarve, Portugal
Okura Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Onyria Quinta da Marinha – Cascais, Portugal
The Chedi, Lustica Bay – Tivat Montenegro
The Yeatman Oporto – Porto, Portugal
Vale d’Oliveiras Quinta Hotel & Spa,
Algarve, Portugal
          Hotels Opening in September
Almanac Hotels – Barcelona, Spain
Altis Grand Hotel – Lisbon, Portugal
Hotel Barcelona Princess – Barcelona, Spain
Ilunion Alcora Hotel- Seville, Spain
Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Convention Center – Madrid, Spain
NAU Palácio do Governador – Lisbon, Portugal
Parco di Principi Grand Hotel & Spa Rome, Italy

Stay Safe, Stay Great – our hotels ensure your health and safety

Up to 74% of Great Hotels of the World have a COVID-19 specific legal health and safety certification in place or are currently waiting to be certified by the competent entities.

Where national or local authorities have made COVID certification procedures and standards available, our hotels have attained or are in the process of obtaining the relevant certificates. Where such certifications are not available, our hotels are explicitly following WHO and national guidelines and recommendations including temperature checks on arrival, configuring common areas for social distancing and reducing the number of participants at events.

To ensure the safety of guests and staff, Great Hotels of the World have implemented a number of different procedures, with food and beverage options being one of the main changes:

Great Hotels of the World Have Got You!

Great Hotels of the World want to work with you and ensure that businesses feel secure when they book their next event. They understand that in today’s business environment, change is a given and decisions need to be fast. Many of our hotels have updated their policies and working procedures to make sure your needs are met:

In July, Great Hotels of the World will be launching our Virtual Meetings so that you can get to know our hotels almost as well as we do! A valuable opportunity to brush up on long-standing and exciting new destinations, get an in-depth view of the hotels that make up our collection and meet the sales teams from those that most interest you. Not to mention a surprise next-day delivery to get you geared up for Summer…  Stay tuned for forthcoming sign-ups coming your way! In the meantime, if you’d like any other information, please feel free to contact or visit our website at

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