Sustainability & Social Responsibility for Hoteliers

There are many elements that make up the ethos of a hotel. Some of the most evident include décor, gastronomy, and amenities. Not as ubiquitous but equally if not more valuable are some of the elements, large or small, that aren’t on display or for consumption. At Great Hotels of the World, we take enormous pride in supporting our many hotel properties committed to making a world of difference in their communities and beyond. Their endeavour to address a wide range of challenges worldwide is inspiring and in fact, makes for good business. Often the unseen, non-transactional element of a hotel’s ethos has the power to transcend operations and bind all stakeholders (from ownership to guests) in a common mission.

For motivation, we’ve selected three of the more remarkable examples within the brand’s unique collection of independent hotels:

Ilunion Hotel Alcora, Seville, Spain

For the Ilunion Alcora hotel in Seville, and indeed the Ilunion group hotels in Spain, it’s about changing attitudes, breaking down social barriers and making the world more inclusive. With a unique program in the hospitality industry, approximately 40% of their workforce carry some form of disability, including intellectual disabilities, visual and audio impairments and mental illness. Additionally, hotels are designed and fitted to be fully accessible by all guests – from bathrooms with enough turning space for wheelchairs, to information on amenities provided in brail and vibrating fire alarms in each room.

Le Plaza Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

A traditional and unique luxury hotel, Le Plaza Brussels pledged its commitment to environmental protection in 1996 with its own ecological charter. Since then, the five-star hotel has been honoured with the “EcoDynamic Company Certification” 3 times and has earned the “Green Key Eco Label” from the Brussels Institute for Environmental Protection. Included in their many initiatives is the guest favourite bee colony, putting its location adjacent to the botanical garden to good use and producing about 20 kilograms of honey every summer enjoyed by hotel guests in the know and hotel staff.

Lagen Island – El Nido Resorts, Palawan, Philippines

Nestled in an ecological paradise and committed to upholding their five G.R.E.E.N tenants, Lagen Island, El Nido Resorts has long been globally recognized for its innovative and all-around sustainable modus operandi. From the use of renewable materials in construction and green design and architecture to offering low-impact guest activities and providing training to staff and the local community – every element of the resort’s activity contributes to the region’s sustainable growth.

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