Wellness Programs for Meetings

Options to combat meeting fatigue and increase creativity

Steve Jobs. Barack Obama. Mark Zuckerberg. Richard Branson. What do they all have in common besides being innovative and influential leaders? They all believe in the power of a walking meeting, and they’re not alone. According to a Stanford University study, creative output increased by an average of 60% when participants were active instead of sedentary. So it follows that if you have an entire meeting group that’s active instead of deskbound, you have the recipe for business enhancement on
a grand scale.
Some of our member hotels have created innovative new programs to enable MICE groups to step away from the boardroom table and get creative juices flowing.

Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort – has a Mindful Working program that allows guests to gain inspiration from the forest with Walking Meetings. The program helps spark memorable brainstorming sessions for participants, allowing the brain to work, and the body to relax, at the same time.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam– created a Wellbeing Meeting Package to build on it’s guests increased interest in health and wellness. The result is an exciting new program developed to recharge and reinvigorate attendees in between meetings with soothing body-and-mind activities that have been compiled by the professional trainers at the hotel’s Nagomi Health Center. Some of the mind-clearing options include group yoga sessions, guided runs through Amsterdam, and revitalizing workouts utilizing resistance bands. Healthy, nutritious meals and refreshments can also be incorporated into individualized Wellbeing Meeting packages.

Hotel Barcelona Princess Runs take advantage of the hotel’s perfect location just a 5-minute walk from both the best beaches of Barcelona and the miles-long promenade perfect for jogging. General Manager Santiago Hernández and internationally recognized runner Jaume Leiva lead the runs and offer pro tips and personally guided routes. Barcelona Princess has also created several alternative meeting options, including informal meetings combined with yoga on the beach and a sunrise swim and group meditation on the 23rd-floor pool terrace complete with spectacular views of the rising sun on the Mediterranean. Sustainable menus are also available upon request.

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