4 secrets to successful virtual meetings

‘Zoom fatigue’ is a reality for many of us already and no doubt your client is likely feeling the same. But how can you make it memorable?

We’ve rounded up four surefire ways to lessen the strain of virtual meetings:

  1. Acknowledge that you’re human

Use ice-breakers before jumping into the meeting – ask clients how they are, discuss the latest and funniest news item; share a part of your own life, with humour and empathy…in sort, show them you are a real person, just like they are.

  • Share the spotlight

Especially for the key meetings, bringing other relevant team members on board and sharing the stage with them, may add variety and interest. Obviously, brief and prep with them beforehand.

  • Visual is vital

Your appearance is just as important as ever, but in different ways: consider the angle at which you appear on screen and avoid tilting screens – where all you see is your neck and chin – and ensure your shoulders are also visible; sit up straight in front of your screen – it helps project your voice; prefer solid coloured clothes to patterns, as they are less distracting onscreen. Think about your virtual background – you may want pictures of your hotel’s renovation, or its new branding, as a talking point to the meeting.

And although face to face meetings, social gatherings and events are crucial in any relationship, virtual meetings are infinitely superior to phone calls. They enable that defining moment in the meeting when you go from promoting to selling; when something you said, or showed, makes your client trust you and decide that your hotel is the one that they want – and no other.

  • Embrace change

Over time, these micro-moments and interactions create relationships, just like they did before Virtual Meetings were part of our daily life. Virtual Sales are here to stay, so as true professionals, we need to embrace them, adapt ourselves and continue to be the best Sales professionals that we always have been.

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