3 Tips to Make Every Event Count Every Time

While it’s undeniable that technology is breaking down all sorts of barriers and the world is becoming more and more connected, industry-wide numbers show, equally, that face to face continues to be paramount in businesses across the spectrum. Why? Primarily because despite all the relevant data, numbers and figures readily available at our fingertips, emotion remains strongly embedded in our decision-making process.

However, sales trainings continue to centre a lot on presenting and discussing the facts and figures and not so much on making that often game-changing connection.  While the type of soft skills needed for this kind of engagement are innate in some people, others need to work at it, or at the very least be reminded every so often.

So whether you just need a little refresher or you could genuinely use the help, we think you’ll always benefit from these 3 fundamental tips from our multinational expert MICE team to help you make the most of every meeting, conference and tradeshow.


This was the tip our team was most adamant about! Too often sales teams are so focused on making the pitch and getting “their bit out” that they miss crucial information given by the prospect. There is no better way to cut through the volume than tailoring a bespoke solution to someone, so taking the time to understand what they’re really looking for and what really matters to them can be priceless. On that note, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

TIP# 2:  Inspire

Don’t just give clients the “deets”; tell a story. A tried and true way to connect and be memorable is to tell an inspiring story – a story about an extraordinary event that was organized, a special person or group who stayed at your hotel, something the staff did that made an event extraordinary or even just the story of the hotel or its owner. Stories not only allow buyers to imagine all the things they could get up to on your property but make the property really personal.

TRIP # 3. Get Personal

Take the talk outside of the shop! Don’t be shy about getting personal and going beyond weather small talk. Start by telling them who you are – outside of the office – tell them about a holiday you’ve taken, the food you love, your hobbies and interests. Ask for opinions on trends or news that’s everywhere.  Find an authentic common ground and bond. This is the start of a relationship that will improve your chances of standing out, and who knows, growing personally. To really make it personal, if appropriate, set a time to get a coffee or a meal outside of the event.

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